Career Opportunities


Training System

Training at United IP Counselors, LLC (Washington, D.C.)
Staffs of GLOBAL IP Tokyo have opportunities for training abroad, learning respective domestic practices in locally operating offices of United GIPs. We have desks prepared for trainees in the office, and a flat nearby the office to support the trainee’s stay in Washington DC.
Similar training schemes are available at other offices of united GIPs, and staffs interested in learning the local practices are encouraged to utilize our training system actively. Examples of past training and study tours are as shown below.

Training at GIP Korea (Seoul)
Mr. Takuji Yamashita (Japanese Patent Attorney) had stayed at GIP Korea for his training for a year. In 2007, six Japanese patent attorneys had a one-week study tour.

Training at GIP China (Beijing)
We have conducted a one-week study tour with 9 young Japanese patent attorneys in 2006. In April 2007, Mr. Manabu Kadowaki received training at our affiliating firm in Beijing and, almost two years later in January 2009, Mr. Kadowaki has joined GIP China Corporation.

Training at GIP Europe Corporation (Munich)
Ms. Tomoko Inazumi has received training at the affiliate firm in Munich, Germany, since September 2007, and has joined the GIP Europe Corporation after its establishment in January 2009. In 2008, 5 young Japanese patent attorneys visited the office in Munich for a one-week study tour.

Study Support
We offer a subsidy system for those who wish to extend their study outside office hours. Also, we offer a subsidy system for those who study towards the Japanese Patent Attorney examination and, if necessary, special holidays are granted for a certain period of time before the examination. Many technical staffs and secretaries utilize these systems, and any study that would eventually contribute to an individual's work is encouraged.