Career Opportunities



Strategic Flow of Internationalization
In United GIPs, 'Internationalization of the Stronghold' to 'Internationalization within the Stronghold' has been realized so far. The next challenge we must face now is 'Internationalization of People'. In fact, 'Internationalization of the Stronghold' and 'Internationalization within the Stronghold' have been brought into our working environment at United GIPs since more than 10 years ago.
In an environment where people from different countries work together, we consider that linguistic communication is not enough for a sufficient understanding. To have a higher level of mutual understanding within day-to-day operations, we need to understand and appreciate the differences in the sense of value and cultural backgrounds, on top of sharing the know-how's we have as intellectual property professionals.

Environment from which You Acquire New Skills
To acquire new skills, the preparation of a proper environment is crucial. At United GIPs, we construct frameworks for you to acquire new skills, and manage our education and training system flexibly so that the environment we have prepared functions effectively for all of our employees.

At United GIPs, we are always happy to support your career plans so that you can become what you have planned to be or achieve, with the skills acquired through our carefully constructed environment. We are committed to making sure that you have a fulfilling and engaging professional life at GLOBAL IP.

Place of business

Let us know how and where you wish to work. We will provide the best place for you.
At United GIPs, we have staffs with various and international backgrounds.

Members of Staffs Trained in Overseas Offices within United GIPs:
- Mr. Manabu Kadowaki (GIP China, Beijing: for 5 years)
- Mr. Akio Takahashi (Law firm in Washington, DC: for 2 years)