Career Opportunities


Worldwide Career Opportunities

We welcome diversity in United GIPs. We are an organization where
people with various backgrounds are gathered, regardless of their
color, culture, and sense of value. In today’s world where merchandise
and commodities - both hardware and software - transcend the
imaginary borders previously established by people, uniqueness turns
into an economic asset.
With such a belief being the basis of our fundamental philosophy and
how we proceed with our business, we aim to support IP activities for
corporations in a global scale. For those who welcome our support, we
can become their unique business partner.

Within United GIPs, there are member firms located in the world’s most
economically thriving regions to accommodate the needs of companies
all over the world and to provide our best quality services.
In each member firm, we have competent staffs that excel in their respective
fields and are trusted by our clients. They cooperate among each other and
exchange valuable resources so as to uplift their business, as well as to
uplift themselves, in the field of intellectual property laws.

We constantly and eagerly look for personnel who can establish themselves
internationally and across the organization. We expect people who want
United GIPs to be their base towards success. We want talented individuals
who can flourish through their responsibility and passion.

Through our business operations to provide excellent quality services to
clients the organization grows as each individual grows. We expect to develop
together with you and your passion, creativity, and responsibility.
We wish to witness our mutual growth together.